Children who can no longer be fed and cared for at home, are desperately brought to the orphanage. Our vision for the future is clear - with our help the children stay in the families to have the best possible conditions. We support and relieve the mothers who are overwhelmed with their children and poverty.

We procure food, children's clothes and hygiene articles. We try to find jobs for fathers and older children. For the younger children the school visit is in the foreground. Also the living situations must be changed sometimes. The biggest problem is hygiene. We teach the mothers the simplest hygiene measures, such as boiling the water for the baby food and provide clean washing facilities. With a donation you support all our services.

At the moment a direct payment via a button is not possible. In the future, a simple, direct method should be available. Please have a little patience.

Until then ask how to make the payment marked
«FamilyCare» on the following account:


Vour deposit via SEPA:

Crédito Agrícola, Largo dos Compatentes, 2050-099 Aveiras de Cima, Portugal

IBAN: PT50 0045 5072 4025 0811 9086 5


Rita Schneider, note: Bustos/Family care