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Welcome - Maligayang Bati Pô! With a sponsorship you help a really needy child in the Philippines. First and foremost with adequate nutrition, access to education and medical care. This will enable this child to develop well and use its own resources. It gives them the perspective of a better future. With the equivalent of less than 1 Franc/Euro per day, you can change the life of this child substainably. With the possibility of a direct sponsorship, the sponsorship program of Ritas Home, differs in central points considerably from the well-known child sponsorship's of large organizations.

history of sucsess

What begun in the 80th with a meal for the "children of the street" is today a great working aid project. Read the entire history

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actual projects


With a direct sponsorship you support a child meaningfully.


With your donation we can help the children in the families.



Enable a young person to study and take the step into self-employment.


With your donation, the children can be vaccinated against yellow fever.